Get to Know C Three Inc.

A company founded on three main principles.

Community – The impact we have in the markets we serve is shown not just by helping people with their housing, but by being involved within the community through service and action.

Courage – Its not enough to say you do the right thing, you must actually do the right thing, even when there is no one to see otherwise.

Compassion – In the housing industry there are sometimes unfortunate situations that cause someone to need our service and we are focused on being an understanding company who clients can trust for expert advice.

Robert Chamberlain

Principle Broker of C Three Inc
Realtor ®
VAR – Property Management Council 2020
NVAR – Budget and Finance Committee 2019-Present

Since 2010 I have been working in the world of real estate. For the first 5 years I managed multifamily complexes for large management companies, and starting in 2015 I got a real estate license and started helping individuals with their real estate needs. In 2018 I formed a Property Management Brokerage that I named based on the three main commitments any socially responsible business should have, Community, Courage, and Compassion. In 2020 that property management brokerage expanded to take on Residential Sales, and Property Renovation.

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C Three Brokerage License 0226029758 (VA)
Principle Broker License 0225238180 (VA)
Contractors License 2705172573 Class B (VA)

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